I just got back from a weekend women’s retreat at Mount Hermon, CA.  It was the first time I’ve gone to one AND the first time I’ve been away from the hubbie and kids for more than a few hours.  I went with a couple of friends, Ronda and Melissa, and met many interesting women along the way.  It was a great time and a “me” break that was long overdue.  I enjoyed myself immensely.

The guest speaker, Marcy Pederson, was wonderful.  Her message touched the hearts of many women, myself included.  I haven’t written many poems or lyrics in a while, but I kicked out two sets of lyrics this weekend!  I shared the first one with Marcy who, in turn, wanted to share it with everyone else.  What a blessing that was!  I’m glad that my lyrics were also able to touch others.  I’ve posted the lyrics in a separate blog entry.  The other lyrics I wrote later that weekend are posted in this blog entry.

Marcy’s message, “Safe in the potter’s hands,” has given me much to think about as it relates to the pains I endured during childhood.  I’m hoping that if I can change the perspective of how I feel about the past, that maybe I can change to a more positive outlook for the present and future. (I’m currently a negative, pessimistic cynic, but don’t want to stay that way.  It’s the “rut” issue.)

I look forward to continuing my blog and hope that this is also a way to help me grow.

God bless!

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