Bonanzling my way to a clutter-free house

Well, I’ve lately gotten sick of eBay’s attitude towards its sellers.  Since they removed the ability for sellers to give [deserved] negative feedback to buyers, I’ve had more unpaid items in these last few months than since I started selling a few years ago.  It’s a shame.  So, I’m trying out a new site, Bonanzle, and hoping that I have better luck there.  I like how it’s set up.  Each seller has a “booth” where they list their items.  It’s like having a virtual store.  I like that better than have week-long auctions that have to be relisted all the time, which incurs more fees.  This “booth” is free to set up and listing is free.  The selling fees, so far, are much less than eBay.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes.  Please check out the items I have for sale.  New stuff added at least once per week (I have tons of totes in the garage with stuff to sell).  My booth can be found here.

Thank you everyone!

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