FanimeCon 2009 Rocked!

I definitely had fun this past Memorial Day weekend enjoying FanimeCon in San Jose, CA.  This was the convention’s 15th Anniversary.  I’ve probably gone for 13 or so of them and I can remember when it was at Los Altos College during the early years.

It’s come a long way since then, but continues to be a wonderful convention for those who enjoy Japanese anime and manga (cartoons and comics, respectively).  There are tons of rooms showing anime and live action shows, panels with special guests covering a wide range of topics related to anime and manga, and a dealer’s room with tons of merchandise to buy.  The plush “onigiri” in the picture above is one such item I bought this year.  There are also tons of people dressed in “cosplay” (costume play) of their favorite characters.  There are some real cheezy outfits, but the majority of people put a lot of time and effort into their costumes and they are always a joy to see at the convention.  I used to take lots of pictures, but these days, I just enjoy what I see and don’t spend as much time “collecting” pictures of the various cosplay characters seen.

Fanime has been a family tradition and our kids, now 7 and 10, love going every year.  They’ve been attending since before they were born (lol)!

I highly recommend to those who have never attended to check it out next year and see how much fun you have.

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