The Motions

It’s amazing how songs can reflect the feelings of so many of us. Take “The Motions” by Matthew West. His lyrics speak of how he doesn’t want to just cruise through life and just “go through the motions.” He sings about living the passion that we’re designed for. Aww forget it….he says it better than I could sum up. Go here to read about it and hear the song. If it speaks to your heart, you can buy it on iTunes…like I did. 🙂

I always wonder how we can easily get caught up in useless things in our lives (TV, for example) and let important things go undone and unsaid. How we can left loved ones go unloved and our pets uncared for because were too busy doing nothing. I hadn’t really thought much about it until I ran across an interesting site that gave “Ten Financial Reasons To Turn Off Your TV.” It was really an interest read and then, I got caught up in reading some of the other articles posted there. Oops…yes, the internet can get classified as useless too, if you’re just floating around there and not doing something specific.

I think I may start claiming one day a week “screen-free” and turn off TVs, video games, and computers. That way my family and myself can focus more on each other and doing things that engage our minds (and sometimes bodies) and start living life more.

With the time that can easily get eaten up in front of a screen, it’s really no wonder I feel like I never get anything done, chores or otherwise. It sucks time and passion from my life (and yours too, I bet). Maybe finding the quiet time I need to establish a time for prayer and connecting with God is as simple as turning off the TV a little earlier each night and devote that time to God. I think I’ll back over to Matthew’s site and make my “Motions Resolution” right now.

God bless you everyone and I hope that you do more than go through “The Motions” in your life. 😉

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