The World of Tomorrow

Here is a “blast from my past,” a poem I wrote in high school…my senior year, I think.


I sometimes wonder where I’m going
I sometimes wonder where I’ll be
I try to see the future
But I forget the future is inside me

I have to believe that someday
I’ll make it in the world
The cold world of tomorrow
I am tomorrow
And when I shine
I make the world a better place

There isn’t far to go
I just have to look inside to see
The beautiful world of tomorrow
And tomorrow is me

I dream of sun and grass and trees
And flowers all a bloom
The sea and the life it holds
As clear as it can be
The wind,
As it whistles through the trees,
Tells me the air is clean

I saddle my horse and ride through the hills
Content to let the sun fall on my back
I’m thinking of my future
And I laugh

For my mind
Holds the secrets
That tells me who I am
And who I’m going to be

In the world of tomorrow
The future is me.

Cute, isn’t it? I wish I had a horse, but doubt that I’ll ever have the money or space to have one. Oh well…LOL. I found this in a folder with some other poetry and stories I kept from my high school years. I’ll have to get them scanned or typed into my computer for safe keeping.

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