The pitter patter of little feet

While I may be talking about a baby, it’s not the human type I’m referring to. We brought home a kitten to add to our family this weekend. After changing her name ten or so times, we decided on Ahsoka. I would love to say it’s been fun, but the adjustment for all of us has been hard so far. We already have a cat here at home, Tare, and, of course, she was not happy to have a new addition. We brought Ahsoka home Saturday morning and she cried all day and all night long. Today has been the first day she hasn’t cried a whole bunch. Tare still hisses and growls at her and it will probably be a while before she will accept Ahsoka as a part of the family. Ahsoka seems to be getting real attached to Ken. I picked her up earlier to pet her and, after a few minutes, she wandered over to where Ken was sitting and fell asleep on his lap. She is still a little skittish and will run and hide when you walk up to her. Hopefully, Tare will soon settle down as well and they will be good companions for those days when everyone is out all day at school and work.


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