Greater Yes!

“Nothing grows on mountaintops. The fertile ground is in the valleys–the trials, the slavery, and the pits–and it is there that we grow and blossom as Christians.” (Finding your Greater Yes!, by Dr. Dan Erickson)

This is a quote from a book I’m currently reading. What a true statement it is about our lives. As I think about it in the context of my life, I find that I prefer the mountaintops to the valleys. There’s always a great view, it’s usually stress-free, and very quiet. Valleys, on the other hand, can be quite stormy and have their view limited by the mountains around them.

This book has made me think about what my “Greater Yes!” might be, though I’m still not sure. I just have this feeling that if I do figure it out, it’s likely going to require me to come down from my comfortable mountaintop to pursue it. I’m afraid that going into the valley will mean I can’t provide for my family or that we’ll struggle more than we already do. (Okay, we don’t really struggle as most families do, but it seems there’s never money around when something goes wrong. There’s money to pay the bills and no more.)

I do realize that I should trust in God to provide but, of course, that’s a failing of my spirit. I’m sure my husband, Ken, would just tell me to pray on it but, of course, that’s another failing of mine – I have no prayer life. There’s the occasional prayer on a bad day but beyond that, I have no idea what to say.

Knowing me, my journey off the mountaintops will either be a long, steep trek or one quick, straight fall into the valley. No leisurely stroll into the unknown.


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