The Bet

As I begin to read through the book of Job, which is in the Old Testament of the Bible, I can’t help but sum up the interactions between God and Satan as a bet, of sorts. I know that’s a very inaccurate description because my limited human existence will never fully comprehend why God allowed Job’s sufferings. To me, it seems, it was merely to prove the point that Job would remain faithful to God throughout any circumstance.

In Chapter 1, we read about Job’s family and wealth and how “he was the greatest of all the people in the East.” He had genuine concern for his children’s hearts and would regularly give burnt offerings to God just in case his children “sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” Job is a good example of how we should be concerned with the condition of our children’s hearts and to make sure they grow up knowing God and prepare them to face the challenges that Satan will throw their way to trip them up.

Job’s suffering begins with the loss of his livestock, servants, and children yet, though he is very upset about the calamities, he still praises God and does not sin. Then, his health is taken away, yet he still does not sin. His wife, at this point, begins to tell him to curse God but Job replies simply, “Should we receive what is good from God, and not also receive what is evil?”

I think many Christians today like to get all the blessings and goodness of God, but begin to fail when Satan brings trials to their lives. As Christians grow more in their faith Satan is more likely to bring evil and calamity upon them to get them to turn from God and to doubt God. Because we are all fallible, we have to watch our hearts and minds when trials come. Many Christians have walked away from their faith because of trials they faced and that is a sad occurrence.

I look forward to reading more each week and posting my thoughts about Job each week. It is my hope that taking the time to post my thoughts, will help me to better process what I’ve read and in helping myself, I am able to help others or provide encouragement. I am no scholar, just a Christian who needs the motivation to go more thoughtfully into reading the Bible. I welcome appropriate comments and questions from all and will try to reply as I have time.

God bless!


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