For a purpose

Chapter three of Job opens up with Job cursing the day he was born. Job’s trials have clearly begun to affect him and he is getting discouraged, but he is still faithful to God. The next few chapters are discussions between Job and his friends about his situation. Job has a lot to teach us about dealing with trials and adversity.  As Job’s friend, Eliphaz, reminds Job in 4:7, “Call to mind now: Who, being innocent, ever perished? And where were upright people ever destroyed?” As mere mortals, it’s impossible for us to see the big picture that God sees. We must remember to trust in his divine plans and know that there is a greater purpose in all that happens.

Resting with joy

We will often struggle to understand the purposes in events. I still struggle to understand the purpose of the difficult childhood I had. I may never fully understand, this side of Heaven. I must remember to trust God and ask him to show me the purpose, so that it can be used to glorify Him.

All too often I get stuck in my own thoughts and feelings, which border on depression, and forget to seek after God. It’s too easy to get stuck in the rut of day-to-day life and and forget that I’m a child of God. I let life’s disappointments, frustrations, and curve balls distract me from the hope and joy that I should have. The “sufferings” I face pale in comparison to those of Job and to many others around the world today. I have many comforts that people, as close as Mexico, can only dream about. Yet, I find things to complain about almost daily. It really is sad how self-absorbed I can be.

I hope there does come a time for me, when I can truly live out what it means to be a Christian and to shine the light in the many dark corners of my world. As I grow, I just have to remember that everything that happens is…



The Purpose in the Pain

God, please take these pains
And heal my heart
Make me whole
I’ve hid them away
Down deep for so long
Please help me to let them go

I know there’s a purpose
In the pains you’ve sent my way
I know there’s a purpose
And I’ll be thankful, starting today

God, please show me the path
That these pains have prepared
Give me strength of heart
For there’ll come a time
When your plan is revealed
And I’ll understand my part

I know there’s a purpose
In the pains you’ve sent my way
I know there’s a purpose
And I’ll be thankful, starting today

(A song I wrote about a year and a half ago.)


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