Blessed to hear

I love the posting topic that appeared in my email yesterday. “What is your favorite sound?” was the query du jour from The Daily Post. While I do have my favorite sounds, I must say that, truthfully, all sounds are my favorite. Why? Because God has blessed me, and most of you, with the ability to hear.

It’s so easy in this life to get caught up by everything we don’t have, and forget to feel blessed for the things we do have. Oh, I have my moments. I want this, I want that (neither of which I can afford) and, if I let it, that will begin to depress me. But I’ve been trying this year to be more content where I’m at in life and with what I have. Each day, as I look around at the cluttered places in my house, I am reminded that God has given me all that I need — and more. I have family and friends that love me, pets that curl up on my legs as I type up this posting in my husband’s recliner, food, clothes, and the list goes on. If I truly tried to count all the blessings, large and small, that have been bestowed up on me, I think it would take my lifetime. God is good and His love endures forever!

Dear Lord, let me be thankful today for all the blessings, noticed and unnoticed, that you have given me. Let my heart be content with “just enough” so that I am joyfully able give from my abundance. Help me to stop chasing after all the temporary things of this world and, instead, chase after people to bring them into eternity with you. In Jesus name, Amen!

So, then, what is my favorite sound? I don’t think I could narrow it to one, so here are a few of my favorites:

  • The quiet hum of the refrigerator, after the kids have gone to sleep
  • Thunderous rainstorms in the night
  • The crackling of a fire on a cold evening
  • My husband’s and children’s laughter
  • Music

May you feel blessed today as you hear everything around you. May you bless others by taking the time to listen them.


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