I’m writing from my iPod Touch in a feeble attempt to get a post in (other than the picture challenges). Life has gotten very out of hand as of late and has left me with a generous portion of frustrations.

My nine-year old daughter threatened to kill herself last Saturday so, needless to say, I’m not entirely looking forward to the weekend.

My job has been getting under my skin (though I’ll be leaving out the details here). My home is a cluttered mess and I can’t keep up with chores.

All these little things have begun to really drain me, mentally, and leave me feeling tired and overwhelmed. My problem is that I’m an extreme introvert. The only way I am able to coherently express myself is in writing. But life’s demands don’t always leave me with the solitude I need to get my thoughts sorted out.

As a mom, who has to work full-time to help provide for the family, I am always feeling guilty about insisting on alone time. I know my family needs my attention but, after a day at work dealing with its demands, I don’t always have the energy or patience to give my family the love and attention they need.

By the end of the day, there’s nothing left for me but to go to sleep and start the process over. The frustrating, never-ending process.
Lord, please help me to see past the frustrations I’m feeling and seek the joy found only in You. Help me to seek You more when the frustrations weigh down my heart. Please show me if I’m near the path You have prepared for me. Lead me to a place of rest and refreshment so that I might have the energy to care for my family and show them the love they need. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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