Up, up, and away!


I’m finally up in the skies and heading toward Israel. I woke up with a headache this morning and it probably won’t go away anytime soon. The first leg of the flight is a little more than halfway over and, at least, it’s been mostly a smooth trip. I’m still a bit jittery and haven’t been able to eat much at all today. Fear of the unknown is keeping my anxiety high (I’ve never take a trip out of the country before). I’ll be very tired by the time I get to the hotel tomorrow night.

I landed safely at JFK and went to get the boarding pass for the next leg of my flight. Everyone in line was questioned by Israeli security. I must have seemed suspicious because they decided to hold my bags for searching. I was only allowed to take my cell phone, money, credit cards, and passport. They asked me to return at a specific time so that I could be escorted to the gate. I was escorted to the gate by a nice security lady, and she remained with me until I boarded the plane. That experience has left me very nervous about going through passport control and customs in Israel. I ate and slept as best as I could during the flight. Ten hours was a long time to be in the air.


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