Is your refrigerator running?

I’m sitting in the recliner trying to spend time with God. My mind is always busy, always wandering from one thought to another, which makes it hard to focus on anything, especially God. I am a Christian, albeit a very undisciplined one at the moment, and I always seem to fail at the most important part of being a Christian–the relationship.

I’m not very good at praying and I know I don’t need to spend the whole time trying to think of things to say, so I try and stay quiet and clear my mind. That’s supposed to help me hear His voice, right? “Be still and know that I’m God.” (Ps 46:10)

My mind only hears the humming of the refrigerator. It reverberates through my head and won’t go away. The house is quiet, except for the refrigerator running. I contemplate, if only momentarily, unplugging it to reclaim the silence. I am drawn to the sound, like a moth to a flame. Why?

A fridge that's as cluttered as my mind.

While the hum intrudes into my silence, it also has a comforting side. If the fridge is humming, then there’s electricity to power it. Not everyone is blessed with electricity. The fridge is keeping a variety of food and drinks cold. I can eat and drink whenever I desire. Many people have to spend all day getting water from a dirty river or tending their own meager crops just to have something to eat.

The humming refrigerator is a reminder of all that God provides, which I take for granted most of the time. In that hum is the whisper of a powerful God reminding me that nothing in this life goes unnoticed by Him and that His plans will be fulfilled, as promised. He tells me, “Do not be worried about petty things, which fade as quickly as the sun sets. I am by your side and I know what you need. Rest in me and take comfort in my promises and provisions.”

Dear Lord, thank you for all that you provide each day. Thank you that you are in control of everything. Thank you for reaching out to me, even when my heart is locked away. I am in awe of your faithfulness, even towards those who constantly run from you. Please help me to be faithful in return and to stay eager to grow in my relationship with you. Each day, please let my refrigerator be the reminder of your constant provisions. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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