Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

While I don’t think I could top my last photo challenge post (Sky) I still thought it would be fun to participate again. It’s always fun to go through the thousands of digital photos I have to find ones I think match the theme. I hope you all enjoy what I’ve picked out this time.

These first two pictures are not only colorful, in the rainbow sense, but I felt they also represented the many “colors” of the cultures you can find in America.

When visiting the Grand Canyon several years ago, one of the local restaurants featured these Navajo Hoop Dancers. I am part Native American – though not Navajo – and was thrilled to get a chance to see their performance. If you click on the picture, I’ve linked a YouTube video of other hoop dancers that someone else posted on that site.

Navajo Hoop Dancers – Grand Canyon

The San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade is always filled with many colorful outfits. I admire the many colors the Asian cultures use in their traditional clothing.

San Francisco Chinese New Year’s Parade – 2007

Even holidays can be colorful, especially Easter.

Easter Eggs

I thought this paper towel looked especially colorful. It was the resting spot for the egg dipper.

Easter Colors

Our world is colorful. The places we visit…

Lego Land Entrance Piece

…and the nature all around.

Rainbow over Jerusalem, Israel

I thank God each day for the many colors we are able to see and enjoy.


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