Choices in a broken world

Thanks to a friend’s FB post, I ran across a sad article about pregnancy “reduction” and the disheartening choices some women and their doctors are making. It’s sad that “reduction” is really a euphemism for an abortion. These women, who have a multiple pregnancy, are choosing to abort the “extra” fetuses sometimes for nothing more than their own convenience. I know that no matter what I say here, I will still come across as being judgmental but it just seems hard to believe that this choice even occurs at all. It is a reminder of the broken, fallen world we live in. It’s also sad that our country doesn’t even try follow any moral compass these days.

I know there are people who don’t believe in God or have some distorted view of God because of evil in the world. The world is fallen and evil because of human choices. Adam and Eve chose to eat the forbidden fruit and started the ball rolling. Some guy chose to drink and drive and know you’re attending your child’s funeral because of the accident he caused. It boils down to, at a basic level, choices.

So now, because of advances in medicine and technology, women are able to get pregnant past the age when they should be, then killing off any “extras” because they really only wanted one child. I’m not trying, at all, to demean those women who are younger and have legitimate fertility issues, but I hope they don’t have this same mindset. To have trouble, at any age, getting pregnant and accepting that fertility treatments usually end up causing multiple pregnancies should mean that the women accepts the responsibility for caring for those children; whether it be one or eight. There are women who spend just as much money and still can’t get pregnant.

Meanwhile, back at the orphanages and foster homes there are plenty of children just waiting to be adopted. I would much rather see couples spend their money on adoption, rather than spend it on fertility treatments that can lead to such awful choices. As Josephine Johnston, a bioethicist at the Hastings Center in Garrison, N.Y., who focuses on assisted reproduction puts it, “In an environment where you can have so many choices, you own the outcome in a way that you wouldn’t have, had the choices not existed. If reduction didn’t exist, women wouldn’t worry that by not reducing, they’re at fault for making life more difficult for their existing kids. In an odd way, having more choices actually places a much greater burden on women, because we become the creators of our circumstance, whereas, before, we were the recipients of them. I’m not saying we should have less choices; I’m saying choices are not always as liberating and empowering as we hope they will be.”

Just because technology can make it possible doesn’t mean it’s right or even a good idea. I wonder how many of these women will look back at some point and time and wonder about the children they were supposed to have. Wonder about what impact on the world those kids were destined to have, that are now snuffed out. I knew a girl, in my teen years, who had an abortion and even then would say things like, “Today she would have been three.” This girl had a rough childhood, which resulted in poor choices that led to the abortion, but still her heart was filled with a regret. Her regret sticks with me today, especially when I read the article. How many of those women will have a heart heavy with regret when their one child takes his/her first steps, graduates, gets married, and begins a family?

I fear for those women. I have sorrow for them and what this choice could bring about years from now, when the regret leads to depression or other mental issues. They already face shame and secrecy, what more will they endure because of this choice? I know that, no matter what, God will still love them and they can ask for forgiveness. I just wish they wouldn’t have to endure the pain they are likely putting themselves through. I pray for them and I pray for the doctors who think that these “reductions” (for no real reason) are beneficial.


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