Happy Birthday Bowen!

Little Bowen Hammitt turned one today. For most of the past year I’ve followed the trials and triumphs of Bowen and his family. Bowen was born with “half a heart,” also known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), but that hasn’t deterred the faith of his family. His father, Matt Hammitt, is lead singer of Sanctus Real and started the Bowen’s Heart blog, which chronicles their challenges and victories. For Bowen, making it to one year old is an enormous victory; one that is celebrated by the many who follow the blog. His story has been an inspiration to many, whether they are dealing with the same trials or not.

I wanted to take a minute here to wish Bowen the happiest of birthday wishes and send out a little prayer to the “small, victorious one.”

Dear Lord, thank you for little Bowen and the lessons we can all learn from his family. Please continue to give the doctors wisdom in his care and help them to give him a whole heart. Please continue to comfort and strengthen his family and close friends as they watch over this special boy. May he be blessed with a long and fruitful life, filled with love. In Jesus’ name. AMEN!


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