What’s the point?

I have been struggling to find time to write. Letters, blog posts, emails to friends; there seems to be no space in my days to write anything. So that leaves me with a question I’ve been pondering about my blog: What’s the point?

What’s the point of having a blog, if I don’t have time to post to it? Am I writing solely for myself or am I trying to capture the attention of an audience? Do I even have material worthy of an audience? I’m not expecting to have thousands of fans or win a popularity contest, so why do I feel like it’s so important to get the right content on this blog? What’s my reason for blogging?

I have more questions than answers, and that bothers me. I still don’t have a particular purpose for my blog, except as maybe a  journal of sorts. I like to write, but I’d like what I write to be meaningful and not just a bunch of drivel. Maybe I’m getting too hung up on finding the perfect material that I just don’t post at all.

Maybe the point of blogging, for me, is so that I can reflect back on thoughts and feelings and share a bit of my introverted self with others. Isn’t that the point for us all?


2 thoughts on “What’s the point?

  1. You know I had journal for many years and although I am older I miss writing in it.I remember feeling lonley , depressed, mad and rushing home to slap all my thoughts down on a piece of paper.I had no audience.But Wow how it made me feel so much better.Anyways as time passed I got older .Found less and less time to write down all my thoughts.I got married had a baby .And here I find myself sitting at a computer 4 years later and I saw your blog.It reminded me of myself .Always asking questions.I’m not sure of the point that I am trying to make but I wrote you to tell you that there does not need to be a point and if there was one it would be to make yourself feel better.Everyone feels a bit lonely at times and maybe you didnt want to share your feelings with the people you know but maybe from a complete stranger.Maybe some part inside of you wants the opinion of other people or maybe you just need to clear your head,I do not know you but do what you love and if it’s writing then don’t stop.


    1. Thank you! You pretty much summed it up. You get older, have a family and a job, and the things you enjoy start to take a back seat. Maybe the point, as well, is to keep a part of who I am alive and not get lost in being so and so’s husband or mom. 🙂


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