Contemplating Conformity

When did I start blending in? I know when I was in school, I never cared to fit in. I enjoyed being different from everyone else, even though it meant that I had few friends.

Somewhere along the way of getting into the work world, getting married, and having kids, I now find myself stuck in a river of people, all going and doing the same things.

I find myself contemplating my conformity after reading Radical by David Platt. I’ve gotten sucked into the subtly dangerous American Dream. As he puts it, “While the goal of the American Dream is to make much of us, the goal of the gospel is to make much of God.” (pg. 47) Even as Christians, we can all get so caught up in our accomplishments, wealth, and delusions of self-importance that we forget what our true mission is and we forget to include God in any of our planning. We blend in with the rest of society and dilute the true message of the Bible to make it more palatable to others.

I see how I am especially prone to conformity at work, where I find that I value a steady paycheck more than my faith; an unfortunate truth I loathe to admit. I’m so worried about taking care of myself and my family that I leave no room for God’s provision in my life. I don’t stand up for things I know aren’t right because I don’t fully trust in the God that I say I believe in.

Do I not trust God because I am fearful, stubborn, or ignorant? Perhaps it’s a bit of them all. I am fearful to trust because human sinfulness has broken my trust in the past. Because I’m afraid, I am stubborn about releasing control of my life to another, even to a good and loving God. Perhaps my ignorance of all that the Bible says God is causes me to be fearful and stubborn. And so, the deadly cycle goes on.

I need to break this cycle by first tackling the ignorance. I need to earnestly seek after the Lord, through His Word. As I begin to learn and understand more about the nature of God, the fear to trust will subside. As the fear subsides, the stubbornness to let go will melt away. It is my hope that with a correct trust in God, I will be free to be the radical, true Christian He calls us all to be.

What about you?

If, like me, you have God trust issues, I invite you to find a Bible reading plan (plenty to be found online) and read through the Bible with me. Post a comment to let me know you’re joining in.

If you’re now in a place where you trust God, I invite you to share a bit of your journey in the comments section.

God bless!


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