A seed becomes a sapling

My daughter, who is inherently a planner, dreamer, and organizer, was home sick from school today. After she had rested for a while and was feeling a bit better, she was reading her Bible and underlining stuff in it. She later came and told me that because she’s always trying to decide what to do about money, she decided to see what her Bible had to say about money (she’s a preteen and always trying to decide what to spend her allowance on). I loved to hear that she made the choice to go to her Bible for instruction. It shows that the small seed that’s been planted by my husband and I is become a sapling that will one day grow into a strong tree of faith.

It is my prayer that as the teen and college years come and go, she continues to seek first God’s instruction and wisdom. I know that if she can keep on that path, she can avoid many of the pitfalls and heartaches that the world’s advice will give her.


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