“The bottom line is this: The problem is not that God is not here or that he is inactive; the problem is that we don’t see him. Our perspective on life is often tragically godless. We miss the one thing worth seeing, the glory of the ever-present God. When this happens, our lives are not built on the foundation of God’s glory, which was intended to give our lives a starting point and a destination, a reason to get up and the strength to go on. Every aspect of my existence was meant to be filled with the glory of God. Everything I think, every decision I make, every word I speak was meant to be shaped by a humble acknowledgement of his claim on my life. I was created to live for his glory.” ~Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands

I often fail at having a God-focused perspective. The busyness of life and my own worries keep my running endlessly on a hamster wheel. Carving out time to regularly read my Bible and pray has been a challenge this year. It is my hope that, as the year winds down, I’ll be able to get into more of a habit of spending time with God and getting off that hamster wheel. By fixing my eyes upon His glory, I know that my perspective will be realigned to what is true and right, which will give me peace and strength to face the daily challenges of life.


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