Wasted Time

Think about it this way: think about how many physical hours in a day, a week, a year, women spend worrying about how they look or don’t look. That is time wasted. That is time we could spend on writing something, or working on something that we are talented at. A role in a play. A musical instrument. Anything. That is time we could have spent being present in a friendship. That is time we could have spent thinking of how we could be of service to the people in our lives, or to strangers who need help. We could have spent that time being useful in a suffering and damaged world. An unintended consequence of this kind of obsession is self-centeredness. It is an expression of an out of control ego that needs constant praise.

How many of us women have wasted way too much time worried about our looks? I loved the viewpoint this author brought to the table regarding all the hype about our bodies and the reasons everyone is so fixated on how we look. If you can gloss over the swearing, it’s a good read.

Imagine what we could do if we stopped staring in the mirror?


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