How I Pick a “Winner”


I just spent the better part of the morning pouring over the voter information guide, the sample ballot, and various web sites for the June Primary Election. I have made my choices and will be mailing out my ballot this afternoon. One of the things I started doing over the years is to first look at which candidates have accepted voluntary spending limits for their campaigns. To me, those who can stay within a specified spending limit show an ability to budget the resources available to them. With so much government spending out-of-control, I think it is important to note who can stay within a specified limit, which hopefully translates to an ability to help manage the spending they are responsible for once they take office.

Beyond spending limits, I look at candidates’ statements both in the voter guides and on their web sites to see if they are coherent and reasonable. Candidates will make many promises, but are those promises achievable or are they just political gibberish? For example, a statement saying that the candidate would abolish all gun control laws would be gibberish and likely impossible to achieve. Whereas as statement discussing the reforms needed for our schools to bring education to the 21st century and to continue to give parents a choice in what educational avenue will work best for their children is achievable and reasonable, provided there are concrete suggestions and that it is not just a blanket statement. Party affiliations have very little to do with my actual choices because I look for those who share similar beliefs to mine, regardless of party affiliation.

Hopefully, I have made good choices and if those candidates eventually get elected, I pray that they prove to be who they say they are and that they do what they promise, to the best of their ability.

What about you? How do you decide which candidates to vote for?


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