My wish for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. My wish for this Mother’s Day is that all mothers know how special they are, no matter their circumstances.

There are so many types of moms out there. Working moms, home school moms, dance moms, and soccer moms. There are the perfectionist moms with spotless houses and the moms who have messed up and live behind bars. There are mothers to be and there are mothers who want to be. There are foster moms, adoptive moms and No matter what kind of mom you may be, you are special because you are a mom.

Children may sometimes declare that they hate their mothers, but even if children are mad right now they will, in time, come to appreciate all that their mothers have done or sacrificed for them.

Mothers are special because they always love their children, even when their children aren’t always lovable, in the same way that God loves us, even in our sin.


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