Thoughts on Leadership

I recently attended the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), for the second time, and I was amazed again by the speakers and how much of what they spoke about I needed to hear.

I wanted to share some of my take-aways from the various speakers I heard this year. Some of the quotes are not exact; I’m not a good note taker, but hopefully they are close enough that they get the points across. If any of this resonates with you readers, I recommend attending the Summit next year, downloading the GLSNext app (available for iOS and Android), and checking out some of the resources from the speakers.

Bill Hybels:

Leadership matters.

Armed with enough humility, leaders can learn from anyone.

Jim Collins:

Questions are better than answers.

How will you change the lives of others?

Ed Catmull:

Creativity is about solving problems.

Stories are going to change the world. It’s how we communicate with each other.

Adam Grant:

Givers may appear to fail in the short run, but they are most successful in the long run.

Givers are learning and building relationships.

Dr. Brené Brown:

We’re emotional people who sometimes think.

Our worthiness lives inside the stories. When you own the story, you get to write the ending.

Sallie Krawcheck:

Diverse teams outperform super smart teams.

Diversity is hard; we all have our biases.

Albert Tate:

Don’t leave it all on the field, you’ll go home with nothing.

Leave room for dumb ideas.

Dumb ideas + God’s hand = life transformation

Get out of the way! It gives you the ability to discover the awe and wonder of God’s hand.

Horst Schulze:

Caring is what service means.

Individualizing care moves customers from satisfaction to loyalty.

Sheila Heen:

When leaders become better receivers [of feedback]:

  1. They get better feedback.
  2. They become a role model of what they value and respect.
  3. Automatically become a better giver of feedback.

The interview with Brian Houston was a reminder of how important music is to me. More about this in an upcoming post.

Life is a journey, a winding path filled with many unknowns. It’s only possible to navigate because of God’s power and grace. –Brian Houston, Live Love Lead

Sam Adeyemi:

You will not find the definition of success until you help others succeed.

The object of leadership for most leaders is their own success; the object of Christ’s leadership was the success of his followers.

The Jesus kind of leadership says, “If I can do it, you can do it too!”

Following you should hold the promise of life change for those who follow you.

Liz Wiseman:

It’s not what you know, it’s how fast you learn.

Once we have knowledge, we make assumptions; sometimes bad assumptions.

Craig Groeschel:

Your brain does not comprehend what your body is capable of.

There is more inside of you than you can imagine or dream possible.

I hope these quotes inspire you to greater leadership in all areas of your lives.


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