I got an iPad Mini!

Ok, so most people probably don’t care, but I was surprised to get an iPad today. I was resting in bed, trying to get rid of a cold when UPS came knocking. My niece had graciously purchased and sent one to me. I just had to try it out with my WordPress blog, so I’m writing this post with my new device.

I find it interesting how easy it is to get used to using a specific device and, when a new one comes along, you have to get everything just right to use the new one. I loaded most of my apps onto this device that are currently on my 2nd gen iPod Touch. I’m still a bit lost because everything is in a different place, at least until I finish rearranging them all.

It’s a new adventure and I can’t wait to compose more blog posts on my iPad. What about you? What’s your favorite device to use for composing your blog posts?



What’s the point?

I have been struggling to find time to write. Letters, blog posts, emails to friends; there seems to be no space in my days to write anything. So that leaves me with a question I’ve been pondering about my blog: What’s the point?

What’s the point of having a blog, if I don’t have time to post to it? Am I writing solely for myself or am I trying to capture the attention of an audience? Do I even have material worthy of an audience? I’m not expecting to have thousands of fans or win a popularity contest, so why do I feel like it’s so important to get the right content on this blog? What’s my reason for blogging?

I have more questions than answers, and that bothers me. I still don’t have a particular purpose for my blog, except as maybe a  journal of sorts. I like to write, but I’d like what I write to be meaningful and not just a bunch of drivel. Maybe I’m getting too hung up on finding the perfect material that I just don’t post at all.

Maybe the point of blogging, for me, is so that I can reflect back on thoughts and feelings and share a bit of my introverted self with others. Isn’t that the point for us all?