Weekly Photo Challenge: Opportunity

Sometimes I find photo opportunities in the strangest of places. Everyday places and items give me chances to be creative with the camera. I especially love my little point-n-shoot digital camera. I bought it five years ago and the one thing I really love about digital is that I can take all the pictures I want and just delete the pictures I don’t like. I haven’t needed to get film developed and put pictures into albums in years. I probably still have tons of pictures I haven’t put into albums after all these years.

Anyways, onto my picks for this week’s photo challenge.

The chaos that is my office desk.

This is probably one of the first pictures I took with a digital camera. I have lots of odds and ends on my desk. It’s a wonder I get anything done amongst all that chaos.

Kitchen Sink

 Yep, these dishes were sitting in the sink that way. I found it interesting and “snap” went the camera.

Easter Colors

Last time I colored Easter eggs with the kids, I loved the way the colors came out on this paper towel. This towel was just the place where I was resting the egg holder, but it looked like a pretty painting to me.