Random Ornaments

I find it ironic that I’m posting about Christmas ornaments on Thanksgiving day (ok, ok, I didn’t actually get this up until Friday). As I watched my daughter decorate our tree yesterday, I kept thinking about the displays you see in stores or at homes fit for magazines. The ornaments all match a specific theme and are neatly placed on the tree. Our tree, however, is filled with random ornaments.
Some ornaments were purchased, some gifts, others are collectibles from past years. A few are from nicer stores, some from dollar stores, and then there’s the hand-made ones from the kids. They all make up a tree that can tell a story about our lives and our family.
I was thinking about how all those random ornaments mirror real life. We are all from different backgrounds and yet we can still come together to make something beautiful. I think about how Jesus called people from random backgrounds into His ministry to redeem the world. How tax collectors, fishermen, and other sinners helped to lead the way for the rest of us. I’m thankful for the random people God chose to speak into my life and show my His way.

Some of my random ornaments:

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Thankfulness and Greed of Thanksgiving

Turkey Wreath

It has amazed me these last few years how greed seems to be taking over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Many retail stores, in an attempt to get a few extra dollars, are now open on Thanksgiving to entice people to shop earlier and earlier. I’ve always felt bad for the grocery store and gas station workers that are stuck working the holiday, but now to have retail workers in the same boat seems ridiculous to me. What’s doubly ridiculous is that people will “camp out” in lines to shop on Thanksgiving, rather than spend it with their families, which only encourages the retailers to open earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving.

I do realize that money is tight and people are trying to get the best deals, but why the need to chase those deals on a day where we should be thankful for what we have and not be greedy to get more? Can’t the shopping wait, even for just a day, so that everyone can spend Thanksgiving with their families?

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, even though I’m not technically that old, but I’d rather be home enjoying my family on Thanksgiving, and not spending time in a store. The fun part of Black Friday, for me, was meeting up with my sister to go from store to store and pickup the small goodies they would pass out at the door (snow globe anyone?) and enjoy the shopping together. On this Thanksgiving day, I will choose to be thankful for all the little things: family, health, employment, and having more than enough.

I really hope that retailers will return to their senses and stay closed on Thanksgiving so that their employees can enjoy the holiday with their families. I hope shoppers will remember to be thankful on this day and not just chase the next deal.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I’m Thankful For…

Family and friends and a day off to spend with them. Over the years, Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday of the year. It’s the only holiday that is based solely on giving thanks to God for all his provisions and grace. I know that, for me, I get too busy with regular life to really stop and thank God for all that I have. This is a day for slowing down and really reflecting on all that I have been blessed with.

I hope that the lure of Black Friday does not overshadow your Thanksgiving and that you take time to reflect and thank God for all things, big and small, in your life. I pray that you don’t skip over this day and you count all your blessings.

God bless!